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Founded in 2000, San Antonio-based CaptureRx is a healthcare technology company and leading 340B solution provider that puts people first, touching millions of patient lives through customer obsession and innovative products and services that support relationships among payers, providers, pharmacies and patients. Our solutions manage inventory and financial flow for 340B prescriptions filled at contract pharmacies and perform the eligibility checks required to comply with 340B program requirements. Using a process that’s seamless to the covered entity, pharmacy and patient, our Cumulus platform has processed more than 190 million patient encounters and more than 750 million switch claims. Currently, CaptureRx solutions serve more than 500 hospitals and health centers in 45 states via a robust pharmacy network of more than 3,500 contracted locations of independent, national and regional pharmacies.

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219 East Houston Street, Suite 200, San Antonio, TX, USA, 78205

Information Technology Project Manager

May 14 | San Antonio, Texas, United States | CaptureRx

Information Technology Project Manager

San Antonio, Texas, United States | CaptureRx

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Closing date : June 02 2020


Type:Full Time

Job description

We are looking for someone who is:

1 part Agile Scrum Master & Coach

1 part Software IT Project Manager

1 part Continuous Process Improvement Champion

1 part Maker of Stability out of Chaos

You’ll be joining a group of passionate people working to find better ways to coordinate cross departmental efforts effectively. You’ll be the glue that holds us together or the grease that keeps things moving smoothly, depending on the day.

You’ll be thrown into the middle of more than ten efforts already in various degrees of progress in need of some level of structure and visibility on them immediately. The list grows daily. The longer you wait to join us the longer the list will be by the time you get here!

You’ll be tasked with helping to define the process and methods to best handle new work like mentioned above because this approach is new and the platform we are working in is new. The people, customers and business is not new though!

You’ll be asked for the critical and boring stuff like status updates and projected timelines to milestones, but we are also going to ask you for stuff like “run these efforts in a two week time box and retro it at the end of every sprint”.

You’ll be provided a life jacket and a tattered rope, so we sure hope you know how to swim, metaphorically speaking! (Disclaimer: There’s no actual swimming required for this position.)

Still reading? Good!

Here’s the deal. When we decided to put this role in place we referenced an “Air Traffic Controller” as a great simile quite a few times. There is so much work in flight right now across out organization as a result of the launch of our new platform but we’ve come to realize no one is really organizing it, managing it, tracking it, communicating about it, or pushing it through to completion. We are depending on people to take on these activities on top of their already full plates. You can imagine how well this is working out.

To ensure success of this effort to manage work that spans across the company this IT Project Manager role will be partnered with a similar business counterpart and both will co-manage these efforts. We absolutely see these paired roles helping us to wade through this backlog of work and future similar efforts, use the same processes to manage new business opportunities that span across business units, all while helping to improve overall collaboration and communication.