4 Reasons to Get Your PMP Certification Now

4 Reasons to Get Your PMP Certification Now

Written by : Brad Egeland

We're all in the same boat right now... either working remotely or not working at all due to the pandemic lockdown. And it's not necessarily going to end right now or next week. In my opinion, it'll be the new normal for many of us anyway as organizations see the benefit of remote workers and virtual teams. You can sit back and relax, stay with the status quo, and just keep managing projects and struggling at times or struggling in your PM job search. Or you can take the initiative and get PMP (Project Management Professional) certified now. Your excuses for waiting are gone. Let's discuss four reasons why you should get your PMP certification now...


Increased earning potential.

Who doesn't want to earn a higher salary? By most reasonable accounts and surveys, PMP-certified project managers earn up to $20,000 more annually than their non-PMP-certified colleagues. That's a lot of money on an annual basis, and in a 25-year career that's half a million dollars.


Get ahead of the pack.

Get certified now and move to the head of the pack. Many posted open PM positions just five to 10 years ago had HR specialists and hiring managers requiring PMP certification just to apply. Most of those have stepped back and only list it as preferred – but you and I both know they're often still weeding out applicants based on their PMP certification status. Lazy hiring practice? Maybe, as I've always hired on experience over certification. But if it gets you in the door or first in line, then it's a good move for your career.


Easier now more than ever.

With the Project Management Institute (PMI) now offering the ability to take certification testing remotely – and most of us are either teleworking or on lockdown – it's never been easier to get certified. You can prep remotely with many services, and now even get certified remotely. You have no excuse not to do it – and many of you have more time on your hands right now to make this wise career-changing move.


It's what organizations want.

As I mentioned before, it's what most organizations looking to staff their Project Management Office (PMO) or PM infrastructure want and are searching for. Making it easy for them to put your resume in the “interview” pile over the rejection bin (i.e. garbage can) by showing off your PMP certification is going to be game changing when you're looking to advance your PM career. You've been considering it – that's probably why you're reading this article. Take the initiative, get certified and make the top of the list. Don't procrastinate.


Summary / call for input

The bottom line is this: if you're in project management for the long haul, then get certified. Most dedicated – and successful – professionals are certified in their field. I'm not saying it's the only way to get that next project management job or consulting gig. When hiring or putting a project team together, for me experience and past success win out of PMP or other certifications. But certification shows past experience, ambition to move forward, and dedication to the profession. All these things resonate loudly with HR specialists and hiring managers looking to staff their PM infrastructure with the best group that can hit the ground running. Is that you? Most likely, if you've put in the energy, time and money to get PMP certified.